How do your rates compare to other sites or hotel deals?

Rate Parity! All the other online hotel agencies have to advertise the same discounted rate giving you little advantage in finding the lowest possible rate. Roomfinds.com has made it easier for you by getting you directly connected to the hotels front desk to get you the BEST possible rate available.

Do I have to call ahead to get the deal?

YES! To get the best possible rate, simply call the toll free number we have provided to get connected to your hotel of choice and receive the best rate available.

Do I have to mention Roomfinds if I don’t have the offer available?

Yes. It is always best to let your hotel know where you have received their information from so they can track the availability of the discounted program they are using.

How much can I expect to save on hotels with packaged deals?

Roomfinds.com can help you save up to 50% off your next hotel stay.

Do hotels always offer these discounts?

No. Hotels can not always offer these discounts, especially during the holiday’s and weekends. It also depends on their innovatory. If they have very few rooms booked they will offer more of a discount to get them sold. If the hotel is almost at it’s capacity, they may only offer a very small, or possibly no discount at all.